“ONE FOR INTEGRAL HUMAN DEVELOPMENT – A Church that is not going to the window … We are here to remember that the man is at the center.”

Francesco Montenegro

The setting of our agreed 

Department for the Integral Development of Human Service 

Since the beginning of this year is on the Department for the Integral Development of Human Services, strongly desired by Pope Francis. The first novelty is certainly methodological and recalls the intuition of Pope Paul VI in the Statute of this Italian Caritas: the principle of “consonance to the times and needs.” A path of continuous renewal, not only of organizational forms, but the nature of the service to offer. In the endless needs, weaknesses and poverty, the Pope wants a church that not only deal with it in a spirit of full cooperation, but this face to civilian institutions as seen and understood. A Church that is not going to the window, and does not distance itself from what happens on the street. But walking along the streets shouting prophecy and shocked with his gestures of love. 

50th anniversary of Populorum Progressio 

That same Church that “shudders before the anguished cries of the hungry peoples” as Pope Paul VI said 50 years ago in the encyclical Populorum Progressio, published March 26, 1967 and dedicated to the theme of development of the people as a prerequisite for recognition of rights of the poor and the least. The proposal was for a new development model, open to cooperation, acceptance and dialogue between cultures, being conscious that the economic, political, technological necessarily impact on integral human development and growth of peoples. Fifty years after its publication, it remains unfortunately the current strong denunciation of planetary imbalances firm closely to the Pope Francis magisterium, not limited only to denounce the imbalances, but by analyzing the causes. We are here to remember that the man is at the center.

 60 years Treaties of Rome 

Europe, undermined by the economic crisis, is overwhelmed by the arrival of thousands of refugees. The European Union can not find shared answers and so far has only produced dangerous choices. They expend energy and resources to strengthen military responses, measures of repression and border control. All this even as we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaties of Rome, which risk being trampled by political and closing decisions, defense of special interests, exclusion. It is more urgent than ever to reverse course and priorities between the Gospel and the law; Man rules and codes; service and power. We realize that the economic crisis has also generated growing migration. So far many dangerous choices that do not give solutions. You expend energy and resources to walls, barbed wire, repression and border control. All this just 60 years of the Treaties and within days of the signing of the new resolutions. If each changes the small piece of the world in which it is already a little bit of changing Europe. Where there is the word power we have to write next service, where it says we have to add sharing rules. 

The land of Puglia 

No coincidence that we are here in Puglia, a southern region of our country, a thousand resources and the many problems in contexts that often amplify poverty and fragility encountered. From the lack of work to exploited labor, the question of young people to the issue of migration, from organized crime to family poverty, the environmental issue to housing problems. And yet here we want to tell us that such charity is already present because the Church is charity, and we want to tell us that if we put more in listening to the Spirit, we will realize that “the coexistence of differences” dear to our amato don Tonino, it is delivered to each of us, because it is realized. In light of all this let us wonder about our daily work, the nature of our service to the Church, our relationship with other realities with which we meet on solidarity action ground to bring together a contribution to the renewal of the diaconate of charity, justice and peace. We want to be an expert Church of human. Not only services, we have to receive and to give. Our task is to shock through prophecy. Who loves outraged, she does not get angry, because things change. So we have to plug it in and run with the Church. With sleeves rolled up and dirty shoes Listening to the Spirit, we will realize that the mutual acceptance of differences is given to each of us. Good luck, hope that these days will be full of joy. The smile is the curved line that straightens everything. Appassioniamoci to what is said and then bring that passion elsewhere